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      数年来,欧亚灯饰从设计. 制造. 销售到现场安装及售后维修具备了完备的服务体系,为豪宅. 顶级酒店. 宾馆和会所等非标的工程灯饰提供了最专业.最完美的灯饰服务全程解决方案.盛名远播.

       欧亚不懈奋斗,针对不同的风格需求和定位,创设了四大品牌:曼尼雅拉. 艾斯卡拉. 伊多尼斯及新中式造型的月之都,从大型非标工程灯到家用灯饰,开创了不同层次的产品体系,目前,欧亚品牌灯饰已经在大陆. 台. 港. 澳等四地销售. 为数已万计的客户创造了非凡的灯饰美学体验.


         Out of the pursuit of “Beauty”, we established Euro Asia Custom Lighting Co.,Ltd   in August of 2007. We are devoted to produce luxury lightings with high quality and elegant design. We cooperate with the world famous designers and always ensure the client’s expectation and designer’s inspiration be realized.

       We are specialized in producing and designing the lightings for mansions, top hotels,clubs and nonstandard engineering projects. We could complete the whole processing from designing, producing, installation and after-sale repair and maintenance.

        Moreover, we expanded our scope on the basis and experience of hospitality chandelier & lightings and founded three brands of our own namely——“Maniera”, “Edonis” and “Excale”. We also have home Lighting fixtures and all the products belong to this series   have been well-received in the mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao & Taiwan market. We commit ourselves to satisfy the client’s request of “Beauty”!


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